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SEDATIVES – Teenage Runaway / Fascists 7″

Ahhh..Just when your thought your permanent errection was totally uncalled for…here is a reason to shake your wiener-sword at the world an say: I told you so!!!!

Finally it is old/ all new SEDATIVES record!! Finest Organ Driven Power Pop on the wee bit Darker Edge then some of them other Bands those dudes is in White Wires, Steve Adamyk Band And Gazillion others..but thats not the point. The Point is: this is here, now and it is a S M A S H!!! the reasons why 7″ers where invented: put the needle on the record: go bazoink! -turn over!- put the needle on the record: go boink! -turn over- Repeat! jaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Availableon limited white and regular black wax!


THE SPITS – Müde und Einsam 12″ EP

Coming to Germany for the first time in 6 years, the SPITS decided to join Red Lounge Records ongoing series of AMERICAN DEUTSCH PUNK RECORDINGS!!! Yes, you guessed it , this record is sung in GERMAN!! The Spits are JOINED for this recording by their newest official Member ( RING AND VEST AND ALL!) KING KHAN, who, since reciding in Berlin these days, , took on the Part of singing the songs. What you get is the very first EP from the Spits ever revamped in the LANGUAGE OF THE KRAFTWERK PEOPLE!!!!

YES it is true these would have easily fit on a 7″ and yes, a xerox cover might done the trick but hey…as requested by the band we slammed this baby on a RED LOUNGE RECORDS STYLE!!!

Fully Laminated Gatefold 12″ in Full blown 45 RMP MAXI DISC MEGA SOUND!!!! Just check out th photos below!


Important: We would also like to kindly ask you to only buy 1 ( ONE) of each color per customer!!!  but feel free to  choose one of each color so! we are computer reatards and do not know how to put that on our shop !! thank you for your understanding!


Hi everybody, here is what’s new on RED LOUNGE RECORDS:

INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND – Too Much Too Little Too Late 2xLP
Normal and limited color version!!! If you want the colored version better act quick! This is a true gem, now revamped and housed in deluxxxe sleeve with a bonus song! Get yourself a christmas present! And buy some for your loved ones too!

OUTDOORSMEN – Shit will happen if you use your stupid brain 10″
Normal and limited color version!!! After a handful of singles we have more bullets for your  listening pleasure! In the usual deluxe sleeve quality.

Order them both at SHOP.REDLOUNGERECORDS.COM to get the limited versions! Pre-Orders are up now!



HEX DISPENERS frontman has a solo record!

Up for sale since a couple of hours:

ALEX CUERVO – Mein Name ist Alex Cuervo 7″
This sexy little 7″ contains two tracks: „Hate Face“ and „Big Cruel Ball“, two dark haunting smashers! What else did you expect? Well, it’s a bit different then Hex Dispensers, yet …ahhh you know you want this!

Black Edition: 400 / Sprinkled Edition: 100
Secret Record Society Edition: Secret


CD out now, LP to follow soon: LA PANTHER HAPPENS!

Out now on CD, we are waiting until the vinyl arrives…. 
are hailing from Tulsa. According to themselves they inhaled 60’s SOUL, psych, garage, girl groups, schlitz, memphis. I guess you can find all this in this album. You can definetly find a deep love for the Memphis Sound. You can hear a lot of Bands like Reigning Sound ( the rockin parts), Harlan T Bobo (the quiet parts), The Scruffs, Big Star, a bit of Magic Kids all paired with perfect songwriting: Loaded with Teen Angst, Love and Not Loved, yet an throbbing urge to let all this get out via record…GREAT!!!. Hands down the best demo I ever got by an unknown band…

Cover art by Lindsay Shut!
Lo-fi video:

Order now in at our web shop!

Pre-Order Now! JUNGLE – The 1969 Demo Album

Out soon on RED LOUNGE RECORDS, the first legitimate Re-Issue of this mega rare Californian psychedelic monster:

JUNGLE – The 1969 Demo Album LP

For the first time ever we will have a red white and blue sprinkled limited LP edition, reflecting the colors of the original „american“ JUNGLE artwork on the LP cover which was the original logo for the cover art back in 1969!!! The records will be here in late june 2011, both, the normal and the color version will be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with unseen pictures and full band history . This is a one-time pressing in full collaboration with the band members, so be quick.  More info about this record in our shop at!

BATMAN – German Schlager Single out now.

Another Team-up of RED LOUNGE and BACHELOR Records brings you the first proper solo release of BATMAN in true Schlager fashion. We still don‘t know how he talked us into this but he managed to persuade us to release a single without his sidekick Robin, lyrics sung in german language and a very expensive and originally signed autograph card. Actually we were quite surprised about the quality of these recordings. If he wouldn‘t be so ugly and Mark Ronson would be have produced it this would be a major hit record. But well, this way ist gonna be a rare gem in a couple of years. This one is limited to 360 copies.

BATMAN – Cucciolone Classico 7″
1. Ein echter Batman geht nicht unter!
2. Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer!
1. Cucciolone Classico!
2. Hey Boy* (Bonus Track)
*Amazing Angi

Listen to one track.
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