SEDATIVES – Teenage Runaway / Fascists 7″

Ahhh..Just when your thought your permanent errection was totally uncalled for…here is a reason to shake your wiener-sword at the world an say: I told you so!!!!

Finally it is old/ all new SEDATIVES record!! Finest Organ Driven Power Pop on the wee bit Darker Edge then some of them other Bands those dudes is in White Wires, Steve Adamyk Band And Gazillion others..but thats not the point. The Point is: this is here, now and it is a S M A S H!!! the reasons why 7″ers where invented: put the needle on the record: go bazoink! -turn over!- put the needle on the record: go boink! -turn over- Repeat! jaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Availableon limited white and regular black wax!