NAZI DEATH CAMP – Same Shit in a different package LP

Some of you are toooo young or toooo stupid to remember that there was a time BEFORE Buck Biloxi and the Fucks saved the world…from boredom, overproduced, meaningless or even worse..meaningfull Punk and other atrocities!! When Bands Like the Oblivians and Gories still seamed lost w/out the chance of a reunion in the time tunnel and Carbonas had gone absent without leave..forever! Until I saw a Knight in shit stained armor rising from the Dark and it carried the name  NAZI DEATH CAMP. For a german Label this should be a warning…. can’t print the cover, posters, shirts, promote but… 4 records, 2 shirts, 2 Posters and two tours later… I can honestly tell you I have yet to met the band that can rival them.

The End..


Unless you wanna read the fineprint:
I have not met a band yet that cared less about selling their record or what is archived by it as NDC. Beeing members of such other profilic bands as the Heartburns ,20 Dollar Whore, Grandma Kickers,  Jessie Garon & The Sexorcists, Kakka-hätä 77, Kytänsoittajat, Maho NeitsytPää Kii, Runkku-Radio, Stakeout and Vaasankatu SS these Guys are the only band I can recall that actually was nominated and won a NATIONAL TV PRICE for Best Band..and one time just didn’t show up and the other time simply tried to flush it down a toilet..literally!!! They also tried to piss on some Hell’s Angels Bikes right in front of the HA Headquarter in Stuttgart (A)…talk about me crapping my pants!! I saw them drinking themselfs into oblivion but always with a nice twist and no bad mooded motherfuckers the next day..never ever…that said..I love their music and think it’s worth a proper Lp release 5 years to late any old day…that said I was told: Baby I ‚m an alcoholic is not a  Funny Song and if you don’t believe me please refer to exhibit (A)


NAZI DEATH CAMP - Same Shit in a different package LP