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THE HUSSY on tour in Europe

We did one if their great records, now they are touring with a new album! Below are the dates, dont forget to buy the 10″:

HUSSY, THE - Clothes Mountain 10"



05 Aug – DE – Hamburg – Molotow
06 Aug – DK – Copenhagen – Drone
07 Aug – SE – Malmö – Tröls Bar
08 Aug – SE – Göteborg – Showdown
09 Aug – day off
10 Aug – DE – Berlin – Schokoladen
11 Aug – DE – Halle – Hühnermanhattan
12 Aug – DE – Fürth – Kunstkeller o27
13 Aug – AT – Vienna – Venster 99
14 Aug – IT – Brussa – Bar Castello al Capota
15 Aug – IT – Teramo – Woodrock River Festival
16 Aug – IT – Porto Cosini – Quevida
17 Aug – IT – Osio Sopra – Joe Koala
18 Aug – DE – Tübingen – Hausbar Münzgasse 13
19 Aug – CH – Winterthur – Ventilator Records
20 Aug – DE – Kreuzlingen – Horst
21 Aug – DE – Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei
22 Aug – FR – Strasbourg – Mudd Club
23 Aug – day off
24 Aug – FR – Paris – Espace B
25 Aug – FR – Nantes – Café du Cinéma
26 Aug – FR – Lille – Le Duplex
27 Aug – LUX – Luxembourg – Rotondes
28 Aug – NL – Rotterdam – Vibes
29 Aug – NL – Groningen – Vera Downstage
30 Aug – NL – Utrecht – dB’s

NAZI DEATH CAMP – Same Shit in a different package LP

Some of you are toooo young or toooo stupid to remember that there was a time BEFORE Buck Biloxi and the Fucks saved the world…from boredom, overproduced, meaningless or even worse..meaningfull Punk and other atrocities!! When Bands Like the Oblivians and Gories still seamed lost w/out the chance of a reunion in the time tunnel and Carbonas had gone absent without leave..forever! Until I saw a Knight in shit stained armor rising from the Dark and it carried the name  NAZI DEATH CAMP. For a german Label this should be a warning…. can’t print the cover, posters, shirts, promote but… 4 records, 2 shirts, 2 Posters and two tours later… I can honestly tell you I have yet to met the band that can rival them.

The End..


Unless you wanna read the fineprint:
I have not met a band yet that cared less about selling their record or what is archived by it as NDC. Beeing members of such other profilic bands as the Heartburns ,20 Dollar Whore, Grandma Kickers,  Jessie Garon & The Sexorcists, Kakka-hätä 77, Kytänsoittajat, Maho NeitsytPää Kii, Runkku-Radio, Stakeout and Vaasankatu SS these Guys are the only band I can recall that actually was nominated and won a NATIONAL TV PRICE for Best Band..and one time just didn’t show up and the other time simply tried to flush it down a toilet..literally!!! They also tried to piss on some Hell’s Angels Bikes right in front of the HA Headquarter in Stuttgart (A)…talk about me crapping my pants!! I saw them drinking themselfs into oblivion but always with a nice twist and no bad mooded motherfuckers the next day..never ever…that said..I love their music and think it’s worth a proper Lp release 5 years to late any old day…that said I was told: Baby I ‚m an alcoholic is not a  Funny Song and if you don’t believe me please refer to exhibit (A)


NAZI DEATH CAMP - Same Shit in a different package LP


Jack Oblivian, a legend of our generation LIVE with the young and god darn hard hitting Memphis band THE SHEIKS backing him up!
Blasting thru hit after hit.. .a party Platter you don’t wanna miss!!!

Go here to buy this record:

JACK OBLIVIAN - Jack-O and the Sheiks LIVE! LP

A 1 American Slang
A2 Black Boots
A3 Happy Blues
A4 Downtown
A5 ‚Til The Money Runs Out
A6 Night Owl
A7 Flashcube
B1 Chills And Fever
B2 Little War Child
B3 Old Folks Boogie
B4 Mass Confusion
B5 Honey, I’m Too Old For You
B6 Strong Come On


File under: Electric Eels,  Captain 9’s and the Knickerbocker Trio, Trio, Nazi Death Camp, Art Phag, Your Mom.

2035…the Hippies finally managed to make machines that look like PUNK ROCKERS,  act Like MC 5ers but sound like RETRO NEO PSYCHEDELIC HIPPPIE SHIT!!! They send em back to 2013 and they start taking over the vinyl world. Instead of resistance…the kids jump on the bandwagon… and the world is lost!!!!! No resistance? A small band of drunks that’s would not even be able to make a psychedelic record if you payed em refuses to learn more then two chords.


BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS -  s/t LP (colored wax)

By sending former S.P.I.T.S. Agent Joe Pestilence  from 2035  back to 1994 the resistance of the future is trying to save the past… Joe manages to knock up a Mrs Craig and Robert Watson Craig III  is born. In 2013 they form one band to bind them all… „White Boy“ … finding that name is already taken… they form Buck Biloxi and the Fucks! Musically they destroy all shit records… lasersword like anthems like „Shut the hell up“, „Shut the fuck up“, „The walls have aids“, „I’m a disaster“, „I’m a genius  or „Who gives a fuck“ get them a nomination for Nobel peace price! They are the James T Kirks of stupid, they are the Rockwells of Smart, they are the Mil Mascaras of fuckin you UP!!!!

But hey, why listen to me, listen to what the press won’t have to say:
„That cover is not nice enough for the music“ (not TERMBO)
„If termbo doesn’t hate it , it ain’t punk“ (not GONER RECORDS)
„Damn, how will I make a record with the Fucks now?“ ( Not LOU REED R.i.P.)
„I will!!! I already fired „THE BAND““ (not BOB DYLAN)
„Those Crummy Fucks“ (not Dave McManus)
„The Fucks??? ahhh I get it!!“ (not The Fugs)


OUTER MINDS – Behind the Mirror LP


Co-Release between RED LOUNGE, Resurrection and FDH Records.

This album is the follow up to the bands debut LP on Southpaw earlier in 2012. This record get a little deeper and darker into the world of voodoo psych pop then the first release. They also have a couple of singles out on HOZAC, Push My Buttons and Goodbye Boozy.


Side A
1. She Calls My Name
2. Bohemian Grove
3. Those Machines
4. Pleasure Cruise
5. Look Behind the Mirror

Side B
1. We Are All Stone
2. End of the World
3. Charlemagne
4. Cool Times
5. Dead Boot (Grapefruit Cover)

As all our releases you can order this easily through our Red Lounge Records Online Store.




As you can see this is part of our AMERICAN DEUTSCH PUNK SERIES! After the SPITS, OVERNIGHT LOWS, STRANGE ATTRACTOR  now it is time for this!! When we told you we would be releasing some of the BEST DEUTSCH PUNK RECORDS EVER we didn’t lie..or did we?? NR 100 will be a german version of the Nervous Patterns Masterpiece „You Can’t Change“ entitled „Du Kannst Dich Niemal Aendern“. Little did we know when we approcached Alicja that she still had the original Mastertrack… we thought all masters where lost in the aweful computercrash Jay had… Good chance this might just be the last new Nervous Patterns release ever… I had been talking to Jay Reatard about an Red Lounge Release of some sorts when the unthinkable happened, and I was propably the only european but definetly the only german at his funeral… I say this with sincere pride that even death couln’t keep Jay from making a record on Red Lounge! I love this song and I couldn’t be happier with the german version Alicja presented me!!! Matt Melton was kind enough to provide us with the only existing alternate shot from the BLOOD VISIONS session, and we used it on our limited editions, only available thru Red Lounge directly.

The B Side is the River City Tanlines doing a Lost Sounds fave of ours… „Energydrink and the long walk home“ now entitled „Energydrink Und Der Lange Weg Nachhause“. Same here… a total winner!!!

But why read my blahblah if you can take a listen?


Yes there is pro’s and cons to „special editions“ but hey, this is our time to pop some champagne and we felt like opening the magnum bottle!

REGULAR EDITION: Black vinyl with Alicja Trout cover art.

MORE BLOOD EDITION:  RED transparent Vinyl with BRIGHT GREEN SPLATTERS  and CLEAN VS of alternate JAY REATARD Blood Visions Session by Matt Melton!!! Only 2 Pics where ever taken!!! 250 copies

MOST BLOOD EDITION:  RED transparent Vinyl with bright  BABY BLUE  AND WHITE splatters and DIRTY VS of alternate JAY REATARD Blood Visions Session by Matt Melton!!! Only 2 Pics where ever taken!!!  We tried some options on the shot and reallllly liked this one so..we did a diff. Cover with it! 200 copies!

SECRET RECORD SOCIETY EDITION: Red transparent Vinyl with bright green and  yellow and  black splatters  and SMALL hole, one sided labeled with special label !!! 100 copies.

The cover sleeves still needs doing and glueing!  But it will be a worthy No. 100!! If you ever owned any SRS editions you know we go the extra stretch on those… this will be our masterpiece! We made more then the usual 50 to sell to the public to celebrate our 100th release… once it is good to go we will offer it thru our email get on the list!!!!